ESSURE  is a permanent birth control procedure with Dr. Beverly in Ogden which permanently blocks the tubes to prevent pregnancy. In the past, permanent birth control in Ogden required a surgery in an operating room with painful incisions to recover from and all the risks of surgery (infection, bleeding, injury to surrounding organs). The ESSURE procedure at Ogden Clinic provides a form of permanent birth control without any incisions and it can be done in the office. The Essure is a small insert that is placed in each tube through the vagina and cervix using a hysteroscope.

The Essure device is a small flexible insert of nickel/titanium. When the insert is placed the body scars over the insert blocking the tubes. This only affects the inside of the tube causing no scarring in the abdomen. Once it is confirmed that the tubes are closed it has over a 99% success rate with very few failures.

The ESSURE permanent birth control procedure only takes a few minutes to perform in Dr. Beverly's Ogden office. There can be some cramping during the ESSURE procedure and for a couple of hours afterward. However, many women don't have any cramps or pain. Pain medicine will be prescribed in case you are one of the women that does have some cramps after the procedure. 

All women need to have a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) three months after the procedure to confirm the tubes are blocked. The HSG is a test done by radiologists that involves using dye to check and make sure the tubes are blocked. 

After the procedure you may resume normal activities the day after the procedure. You should wait one week to resume intercourse.

Please remember that no birth control is 100% effective, even permanent sterilization. It has a less that 1% failure rate. The ESSURE procedure is not reversible.

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