What is baby blues? Or postpartum depression?
Being a new mom is an adjustment. It's normal to feel overwhelmed the first week or two after your baby is born in Ogden. If you find yourself crying for no reason, feeling very overwhelmed, trouble sleeping or eating, and making choices this is called the baby blues and can last 2-3 days after Ogden delivery. However if you are feeling intense sadness, anxiety, and despair, and it makes it hard doing your normal daily activities this may be postpartum depression. It can begin 1-3 weeks after delivery. Please contact our office if you're experiencing any of these signs or symptoms. We can offer postpartum depression treatment for all new moms in the Ogden area. For more resources and support please click here .
For local support groups please click here. 
Breast feeding or bottle feeding
If you plan to breast feed your baby make sure that you keep very well hydrated. In the hospital you'll have a lactation specialist touch base with you to make sure that you are getting the hang of breast feeding. Remember the first 3 weeks are the hardest! Make sure you prepare for feedings by having a drink, snack,  and a book or phone. Lactation specialist are available to you once you leave the hospital as well make sure to obtain there contact information before you leave. 

If you plan to bottle feed remember that choosing formula can be a very overwhelming decision. Your pediatrician is best to consult with on what will benefit your newborn the most. 

Postpartum bleeding
It is normal to have bleeding after delivery. It will be heavy and you can have some intense cramping if you're breast feeding. However, if you have large clots and very heavy bleeding please contact the office. This postpartum bleeding can last anywhere for 4-6 weeks. Plan on scheduling a postpartum visit with Dr. Beverly at 6 wks. Unless you've had a cesarean section, then we'll see you at 1 week post partum.
Postpartum Swelling
What causes postpartum swelling? And how can I improve it?

You have to remember that your body produces 50% more blood and fluids while pregnant! All that extra fluid helps support your growing baby and helps prepare the joints and tissues in your pelvis for the stretching that will come with delivery.
During labor, all of that pushing can force extra fluids to your face and extremities. Even more so if you've had an IV.
So what are some tips that help?
- drinking plenty of water
-avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time
-use cold compress
-try to stay cool

Remember that postpartum swelling is a normal part of the recovery process. While swelling in hands and feet is uncomfortable, it shouldn't be painful. And should only last a few days.
If you're feeling localized pain, redness, fever, or anything that concerns you please call right away.